Gtune GS3


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Pais China

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Precio: $ 8.564.-

Última Actualización: 17.01.2023
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Para guitarras acústicas con cuerdas de acero
GS-3 4 Band EQ
with Phase and LCD Chromatic TunerGallery
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GS-3 is an acoustic guitar onboard preamp that has 4 band EQ, Phase Reversal and a built-in chromatic tuner with high definition LCD display. It has Low Battery alert to remind you to change new batteries. GS-3 is easy to be installed into a guitar and its size is only 55mm*92mm*33mm.
4 Band EQ with Phase and LCD Chromatic Tuner
Input impedance: 10M?
Frequency Response: 20Hz~20KHz
Control Range: Bass: +/-12dB at 100Hz Middle: +/-12dB at 800Hz High: +/-12dB at 3KHz Presence: +/-12dB at 10KHz
Low battery check LED
Battery life: over 100hours
Power supply: 9V Alkaline Battery
Pick-up: Piezo ceramic pick-up
Output Jack: 6.35mm
Dimension: 55mm* 92mm* 33mm
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